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Slated Projects

The Bings.

Director: Tomas Sheridan

28" x3 part series

The West Lothian Bings project is currently in development.

Wildlife Scotland

Director: Richard Nicholls

10" x 6 part series / 1 hr 

Series following Scottish wildlife over the course of a year. 

Episode 1: 
The Bass Rock


A choppy one-hour boat ride takes you out the to fortress rock where we discover Gannets. 

Episode 2: Mull 


Otters can be seen all over the West coats, but on Mull's shoreline they are abundant.

Episode 3: Skye


The White tailed Eagle is Scotland's largest raptor.

Episode 4: St. Kilda


Thrust out in to the Atlantic, St. Kilda is as isolated as you get, but oceanic birds like the Petrel thrive.

Episode 5: Knapdale


Knapdale Beavers 

Episode 6: Shetland


In March 2022 local residents banded together to save a Sperm Whale.

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